Counter-frame/door for acoustic comfort

Scrigno’s acoustic products have doubled. After the Gold line, the Essential line is also being enriched with a product devised for insulating noises. Greater environmental comfort and a smaller visual impact: free from doorposts and edging trims for totally flush walls. The new sliding Essential acoustic product protects rooms from noise, thanks up to 39-decibel insulation.

NEW! Essential acoustic sliding door solution

From the evolution of Essential sliding doors, comes the acoustic solution, free from doorposts and edging trims: a counter frame and a door that are characterised by their exceptional soundproofing performance.



The Quality Policy, together with the Environmental Policy, are Scrigno’s reference tool for guiding the Company along its path of continuous innovation and in achieving increasingly ambitious goals.

inaugurazione di The Journey


The new Arte Sella installation promoted by Scrigno and created by the young designers of YACademy under the guidance of MC A - Mario Cucinella Architects

Be Open Magazine

Scrigno Group presents its new Magazine

Be Open Magazine is a multilingual tool that collects trends and news from around the world, an open door to company news, but above all a source of information and curiosity.

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