For all of your sliding or swing door needs

For 30 years Scrigno has been a leader in the production and commercialisation of counter frames for sliding and pocket doors and windows. The vast range of products on offer contains solutions for all of your space-saving needs. From counter frames for doors and windows to accessories, to flush sliding doors and swing doors, Scrigno offers the products and services that you need for planning and carrying out your projects. Attention to detail, quality materials and customer care are what set Scrigno apart.

Scrigno Security Doors

The quality and excellence of Scrigno enter the world of security doors; thanks to Scrigno Security Doors the concept of security assumes new characteristics, encapsulated in an extremely comprehensive offer that is very current, combining latest-generation technology and sophisticated design.


Mirr sliding glass door

The latest addition to the Essential range is Mirr Scorrevole: a brand new solution with a glass door free from door posts and edging trims, characterized by a contemporary and refined minimalist style that gives a sense of lightness to the room.

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