The design phase under the guidance of Mario Cucinella Architects

The design phase

The design phase of “A door on a better world”, the Scrigno project to develop an architectural installation at Arte Sella, is now approaching completion. The students of YACademy are rounding out their concepts under the guidance of Mario Cucinella Architects.


June 2021 | Meeting in MCA presentation of projects


October 2021 | “A door on a better world” work in progress

October 2021 | “The Journey” installation at Arte Sella

The new Arte Sella installation promoted by Scrigno and created by the young designers of YACademy under the guidance of MC A - Mario Cucinella Architects: a nomadic architecture, an invitation to experience the journey and sanctity of the relationship between man and nature

Mario Cucinella, Scrigno, YACademy and Arte Sella working together for the environment

A sanctuary in the heart of the Trentino mountains, a lightweight structure that turns into a network of connections between inside and outside, a nomadic architecture inviting you to embark on an internal voyage of reflection. "The Journey" is the title of the new architectural installation inaugurated today at Arte Sella, the contemporary art park which, in the woods of Valsugana (North-eastern Italy), hosts works of art and architecture by Eduardo Souto de Moura, Kengo Kuma, Michelangelo Pistoletto and Edoardo Tresoldi, to name but just a few of the artists present. Their works contribute to the creation of a unique dialogue between man's ingenuity and the natural world. The idea was conceived by Afreen Ali, Anna Collatuzzo, Arezoo Mohepour, Juan Salamanca Balen and Paula Strieder, young students of the Architecture for Humanity and Architecture for Exhibition at the YACademy, a high-level architectural training academy in the heart of Bologna (Central Italy).

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