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Mother Nature has everything sewn up: beauty, a place for everything and everything in its place. It’s no wonder that man tries to follow in her footsteps. Unfortunately, man hasn’t quite cracked it, and ends up wasting resources and leaving behind so much mess, that even Mother Nature can’t clean up. Man isn’t entirely unaware of his failings, but it’s easier to turn a blind eye. We, as two architects and also life partners would love to get those blind eyes to see, if we possibly can.

We have taken the decision to design only sustainable buildings – those that boast zero energy consumption, zero emissions, and a high level of indoor comfort. We are based in Cesena, in a house that also serves as our studio, and it is from there that we work with a variety of collaborators, dealing with design projects ranging from interiors to full architectural projects, from the publication of popular science books and articles, to teaching at the Department of Architecture at the University of Bologna. Sustainability can be reached by using building science tools and keeping a keen eye on technological innovation, but just like Mother Nature herself, we must never lose sight of or give up on functional beauty and its ability to amaze. Our planet is our home, and as architects, we have a duty to look after it.


Via Luigi Carlo Farini n°90 - 47522 Cesena (FC)
Tel. 0547 482370 - Mobile 347 8445031
Mail: [email protected]

Piraccini+Potente Sustainable Architecture
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