Counter frames for French doors and sliding windows

Door frames for outdoors

Scrigno puts experience to use in researching solutions for specific problems regarding closures and external fixtures for construction and buildings, evaluating impact and requirements deriving from various factors such as climate and thermal insulation, soundproofing, and even aesthetics. We have planned and carried out projects for outdoor systems which match the quality and innovation of internal systems, but with specific technical solutions; these systems make it possible to combine architectural taste, the need for security and functional use of space.


Scrigno Magico frame flush door system
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Scrigno Belvedere can contain an external sliding concealed element
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Sliding components Scrigno Belvelato
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Scrigno Incanto allows a wooden raising sliding fixture to slide into a wall recess
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Granbelvedere for two parallel sliding concealed shutters
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Scrigno Accordo can house two sliding concealed external elements
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Scrigno Arpeggio can house two sliding concealed external elements, such as a shutter and grating
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Scrigno Panoramico the sliding system for the external element
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