Scrigno Sliding and Swinging Doors

Frames for sliding doors and windows

High quality sliding frames for all Scrigno solutions

Scrigno has designed a specific sliding frame for every kind of entrance. Scrigno optimises the available space inside a structure thanks to a practical counter frame system, offering the most adequate solution for the room you wish to enhance.

A good pocket door offers considerable advantages, such as the elimination of architectural barriers and good heat and sound insulation. Moreover, good frames for sliding doors and windows are highly resistant and can support structures of all dimensions.

Easy maintenance and durability over time

The use of our systems of frames for sliding doors and windows simplifies the maintenance of pocket doors, making them user-friendly and long lasting.

The best technologies and high-quality materials are accompanied by an accurate choice and use of solutions developed with a craftsman’s passion.

Watch out for the distinctive Scrigno trademark to make sure you get the original counter frame for sliding doors and windows.

Scrigno means guaranteed quality, a product made to last for a long time, which will always be recognisable even when the counter frame is mounted into the wall: indeed the original trademark is always printed both on the counter frame and on the sliding guide, as added guarantee for Scrigno clients.

Scrigno counter frames differ from other commercial products for their technical characteristics, making Scrigno the undisputed leader in the field.

  • LIFELONG GUARANTEE on components of metal boxes for interior use made in sheet Aluzinc. Scrigno guarantees that the sheet metal of frames for interior use will not be subject to perforations caused by corrosion for the entire life of the product;
  • GUARANTEE OF 20 YEARS against breakages of the hanger assembly;
  • GUARANTEE OF 20 YEARS against defects of the anodized aluminium track.

Scrigno activity is regulated by an accurate Quality Management System in compliance with UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standards for “Design and production of counter frames for doors and windows sliding in the wall”.

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