Scrigno sliding doors

Sliding door

A sliding door to live your space to the full: Scrigno counter frames

When buying a Scrigno counter frame for a sliding door, you choose to live and use entirely the space of every room and enjoy its utmost functionality every day.

Thanks to efficient sliding mechanisms and various counter frame models, our sliding doors are the ideal solution to make the most of all the space in each room, while enabling natural and smooth communication between adjacent rooms.

Thanks to the functionality of its sliding door counter frames and its accurately designed, customised and hand-crafted product, Scrigno meets every client’s needs and taste.

Simple to handle, easy to manage

Designer Tim Carter has defined the “pocket door” or simply the “sliding door” as one of the top ten most requested elements, when architects plan a home.

Scrigno has combined the quality of its counter frames with one of the most successful solutions and made sliding doors the best choice for all those who are not willing to compromise their home’s usable space.

Would you like to know how we can enhance your house? Contact us to ask for a free assessment of your requirements.

Watch out for the distinctive Scrigno trademark to make sure you get the original counter frame for sliding doors and windows.

Scrigno means guaranteed quality, a product made to last for a long time, which will always be recognisable even when the counter frame is mounted into the wall: indeed the original trademark is always printed both on the counter frame and on the sliding guide, as added guarantee for Scrigno clients.

Scrigno counter frames differ from other commercial products for their technical characteristics, making Scrigno the undisputed leader in the field.

  • LIFELONG GUARANTEE on components of metal boxes for interior use made in sheet Aluzinc. Scrigno guarantees that the sheet metal of frames for interior use will not be subject to perforations caused by corrosion for the entire life of the product;
  • GUARANTEE OF 20 YEARS against breakages of the hanger assembly;
  • GUARANTEE OF 20 YEARS against defects of the anodized aluminium track.

Modular sides

The frame sides are made of modules, helping the absorption of dilatations due to the combined use of different materials, such as concrete and steel.

     The sliding system

The sliding system consists of a runner in anodized aluminium and a pair of carriages with a carrying capacity of 120 kg per shutter.


Scrigno activity is regulated by an accurate Quality Management System in compliance with UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standards for “Design and production of counter frames for doors and windows sliding in the wall”.

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