Open to life - Scrigno

'Open to life' is the new Scrigno campaign that tells the positioning of the brand to a consumer target.

It is a multi-subject campaign where the different protagonists authentically tell their attitudes and life choices characterised by their mind open to innovation, opportunities and the future.
Five subjects are involved, whose protagonists become "ambassadors" of the brand precisely on the basis of their lifestyle: it is right this mind open to experimentation and innovation that led them to choose the Scrigno brand, with which they identify. The campaign's visuals also feature glimpses of their workplaces or homes, where Scrigno products play a leading role.

Through these stories, Scrigno unveils the company's new positioning: an attitude of openness and authenticity, an orientation towards the discovery of new horizons and design free from schemes and prejudices. The objectives include sharing a value system and increasing consumer's appeal, trust and identification with the brand.

As well as expanding brand awareness, the campaign will support sales by reaching out to the general public, but also to the world of professional architects and interior designers.

Anna, stylist
“Beauty is something I choose myself”.
Anna, stylist.


Andrea and Susi, photographer and model
“Choices are born from exploration.”
Andrea and Susi, photographer and model.


Carlo and Sara, farmers
“We have chosen to live together with nature.”
Carlo and Sara, farmers.


Giulio and Lisa, copywriter and translator
“We choose to create something unique”.
Giulio and Lisa, copywriter and translator.


Pietro and Mia, vets
“We choose looking after the family”.
Pietro and Mia, vets.


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