Carlo and Sara, farmers

A hardworking family

My wife and I already had one child when we found Sara was expecting again. It was only natural that we should make every effort to find more space for the family.
First of all, we decided to open up our vision of life - the city just felt too closed off to us. In a few weeks we moved to the countryside.


Days spent outdoors, with animals and nature, enabled us to rediscover the beauty of living in harmony with the natural world and the seasons. We rediscovered the authenticity of the world that surrounds us.

We cultivate our passions.

We went to live in the countryside to breathe clean air, eat healthy food, and cultivate our passions like the vegetable plot, the vineyard and raising rabbits, goats and horses.

A refuge for the heart.

We rediscovered the authenticity of the world that surrounds us. This is why we chose Scrigno Gold Base Doppio for our home. It connects our rooms to each other and allows us to turn them into a single large space when we want to. We have left the past behind to reinvent our new life every day, giving shape to our dreams and giving space to our ideas.

Anna, stylist
“Beauty is something I choose myself”.
Anna, stylist.


Andrea and Susi, photographer and model
“Choices are born from exploration.”
Andrea and Susi, photographer and model.


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