Beauty is something I choose myself - Essential Scrigno in glass

Free to choose, happy to share

I love freedom, independence and knowing more about my true self every day.
Over time, I have learned to pass on what I know to the next generation.


My job affirms my independence. I didn't choose to work as a stylist - but to be a stylist.

I love giving a personal touch to every project. My approach to life has enabled me to see beyond the individual project and give space to my passions.

My life is full of beauty.

I seek out what is beautiful, and when I find it I realise that I have found something in it that is essential to my own life. I have always been able to design my own personal world. I was born to nourish myself with grace and elegance, and as I grew I learned to express my interior richness in a harmonious way.

I want to give space to my passions.

I love freeing my creativity even in every day life. My passion for forms has led me to express new visions. Like Essential Scrigno in glass, with its clean, minimal design, the most beautiful, innovative choice for my home. Because I share my space with my convictions, my emotions and my style.

Giulio and Lisa, copywriter and translator
“We choose to create something unique”.
Giulio and Lisa, copywriter and translator.


Pietro and Mia, vets
“We choose looking after the family”.
Pietro and Mia, vets.


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