Andrea and Susi, photographer and model

My vision of the world

I'm a photographer, I love light, and I love discovering the world through photography. Photography is the language I use to communicate my vision of the world to others.
My photography covers a wide range of subjects, from portraits to landscapes, street photography to architecture. My work plumbs the complexity of the modern world and life with old-fashioned photographic tools.


My favourite moment is when I take the roll of film out of the camera and then develop it by hand in my darkroom. The image slowly appears on the paper, as if it is sensitive to my emotions.

We instantly clicked with each other.

The beautiful thing in life is to be able to live it to the full. My passion for photography has taken me around the world, and one day on a shoot I met Susi, a model with the same open view of the world as me. Our curiosity about the world brought us together, and continues to fuel our relationship. What is our objective? To capture the new life of tradition in the present moment.

We travel together and live together.

Image is important to us. We want to live in a classical setting made original by our personalities and enriched by the memories of our travels. We chose Scrigno Gold Granluce for our home: a real discovery made of original technology and innovation. It's the perfect solution for large spaces whose modernity will endure over time.

Anna, stylist
“Beauty is something I choose myself”.
Anna, stylist.


Carlo and Sara, farmers
“We have chosen to live together with nature.”
Carlo and Sara, farmers.


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