Giulio e Lisa, copywriter e traduttrice

An encounter written in the stars

Our glances first met on a beautiful sunny day. We bumped into each other at a literary café, exchanged a book and from that moment on our lives took an unexpected turn to a single, shared future.


The most exciting story

Extroverted, stable, happy. That's our relationship. We are a copywriter and a translator, two distant worlds that have come together to create something unique and special. Together we create stories and characters, and give life to something extraordinary. But it's our own lives that are the most exciting story.

A book open to the world.

We're an open book to each other. I know what she likes and she knows what I like. But we still have so much to discover together! We love to really explore things deeply, find literature that inspires new solutions and ways of living and opens up new worlds.

A sliding treasure.

Like a blank page, we furnished our home/office in a minimal, black and white style. We chose Scrigno's Trésor door in lacquered ash. Why Scrigno? Because it combines contrasting elements to create new chapters in the story of technology and design. And that's how we like it.

Pietro and Mia, vets
“We choose looking after the family”.
Pietro and Mia, vets.


Carlo and Sara, farmers
“We have chosen to live together with nature.”
Carlo and Sara, farmers.


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