Open to life


Pietro and Mia, vets

A welcoming family

There are four of us - plus one: me, my wife Mia and our girls, plus Dodo, a puppy we all agreed to adopt. Dodo is friendly mongrel who behaves like a pedigree hunting dog, always looking for hugs. And we're happy to give him what he wants.


As vets, we love animals. They are part of what makes a family what it is: welcoming and protective of all living beings. We also love nature and playing outside, and so we naturally chose a home with a large garden.

Care and respect.

Our favourite pastime is reading books about animals to our two girls together.
Animals are incredibly resourceful, they always know how to surprise us and make us laugh. But for me and Mia, the most important thing is that they transmit fundamental values, like care and respect, to our girls.

The safest space.

All the values of our everyday life are safe at home, thanks to our flush-mounted Scrigno Windsor security door. Scrigno protects everything we care about and gives space to our passions. It connects our interior world with the outer world.

Carlo and Sara, farmers
“We have chosen to live together with nature.”
Carlo and Sara, farmers.


Andrea and Susi, photographer and model
“Choices are born from exploration.”
Andrea and Susi, photographer and model.


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