Scrigno sliding doors

Glass door hardware kit for Essential Dual and Remix

The glass door hardware kit is an accessory that can be used for doors for Essential Dual and Remix 105 mm plasterwork frames.
The kit is composed of:

  • 3 flat covers and 1 shaped front cover
  • 4 protection covers
  • 4 clamps for door suspension
  • 1 floor guide
  • 1 double floor guide
  • 1 set of draggers for left-hand door
  • 1 set of draggers for right-hand door

The hardware is designed for use with suitably treated tempered glass doors with a thickness of 10 mm, and can be installed on doors with both left-hand and right-hand opening directions.

The effective clear opening size with the door installed is reduced in width by about 140 mm. Glass is not supplied. Before making the glass doors, the effective clear opening size after frame installation must be checked onsite.

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