Scrigno sliding doors

Accessories for Sliding glass door

Scrigno offers an innovative solution in which every supporting element is concealed, guaranteeing total purity of design. The kit consists in strongly gripping pressure clamps that eliminate the need to drill holes in glass. The clamps can be fitted on glass panels with variable thickness (8 or 10 mm).

A rear spacer is also provided for adjustment of the projection of the panel. On request, Scrigno can supply glass panels with sizes varying in steps of 1 cm, available in transparent or frosted finishes and with a thickness of 10 mm.

All glass panels are tempered in conformity with the UNI EN 12150-1 standard. This product can be fitted with the Slow Glass system, specifically designed to ensure slow door closure (available only for Gold range). All components can be purchased separately.

Doorposts for glass doors

A wide range of doorposts and edging trims is available for use in combination with glass doors for Base frames. Doorposts can be supplied with four different aluminium finishes or in white melamine or paper-coated MDF, ready for painting. All products are manufactured exclusively by Scrigno, and guarantee the best possible visual and functional combination with Scrigno glass door hardware.

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