On 30 June last, Scrigno Group inaugurated, at its offices in Santarcangelo di Romagna, a new multifunctional centre dedicated to showcasing products, training and events called Scrigno Lab.
Lab like laboratory - a melting pot of ideas, a place to share and create new projects, where you can find out more about the work process and assembly and the features of the company’s products.

It is part of a more far-reaching strategy that sees the Group working on a series of investment ideas, all designed to consolidate its presence on the international market and equally, to bear witness to its constant commitment to promoting the territory and the local community.

The project

The building that houses Scrigno Lab is part of a complex of old industrial factory buildings dating from the early 1960s that feature exposed brick walls and vaulted roof coverings.
They are part of the historical and cultural heritage of this rural area, where bricks were once made using clay from the quarry on the hill behind the buildings themselves.

This intervention aims to highlight the Scrigno Group’s focus on new technologies whilst still maintaining a link with the past thanks to the use of a modern architectural language that has a strong impact and dialogues with the existing infrastructure and further exalts it. The building’s strong features are provided by the decision to use, both for the external cladding and the internal false ceilings, Scrigno door frame extruded aluminium profiles.

The exterior

Externally, the arch-shaped aluminium frame recalls the rounded lines of the vaulted roof covering of the adjacent buildings, ideally embracing the new work, and gently integrates with the garden from where climbing vegetation starts to grow that will gradually cover them, changing colour with the changing seasons.

The tarmac square in front of the buildings has been replaced to give life to a rippling garden that recalls the rounded lines of the former factory buildings, giving the entire project a delightful sense of harmony.
Crossing the garden and flanking a long corridor of water leads to the entrance to Scrigno Lab.
The roof of the new part hosts a roof garden, dedicated to conviviality and hosting events, and it affords delightful views over the garden.


The interior

A surface area of 425 m2 that houses three different spaces; at the entrance there is a long gallery that hosts the company’s latest products and an area dedicated to meetings, conferences and training activities, the side area hosts the complete display of the various product ranges and finally, we couldn’t fail to include a delightful refreshment area – with a large library and pictures that

narrate the history of the company through its advertising – fitted out in a different way depending on the occasion and in line with specific exigencies.

In the gallery, products are presented like veritable art installations on islands with wood, resin and stone platforms, edged with fine iron grilles. They are placed in the centre in order to make the layout more fluid and allow visitors a 360-degree view of the products. Beyond every door displayed, there is a furnished area that enhances and completes the idea of the product, making the overall display even more exciting.
A long the walls that lead from the entrance to the training area, pictures showing the various production processes machinery, mechanical arms, coils of sheet metal, particularly exciting features - hang in mid-air thanks to a system of steel wires.

The door frames are beautifully displayed, just alongside the seating in the training area, mirroring the reflected images of people and the garden.



During the summer, Scrigno Lab hosted a number of happenings, welcoming Italian and international customers, and will continue with a packed programme of events dedicated to training dealers and trade professionals.

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